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Refrigerator - Line Semi-Trailer Truck

Features / Description

- One-piece 340 stainless steel metallic frame (rear frame, front corners and upper profile)
- Door accessories ( hinges, bearings, bars and locks)
- Rear and front ventilation windows
- White corrugated aluminum sidewalls (electrostatic power painting)
- Internal coating in one-piece white fiberglass panels (anti-bacterial);
- Extruded aluminum channel flooring;
- Interior and exterior LED lighting;
- High density injected polyurethane insulation;
- Inner sidewall aluminum pallets guide;
- Rear doors with round corners;
- 304 stainless steel plate brackets;
- Four options of hooks ( transversal, longitudinal, retractile, sliding track).


- 1 fridge-type front window
- 1 Tool Kit
- 1 Fiber kitchen box
- Front inner protection
- Air Duct
- Galvanized hooks
- 2 pallet locks
- Refrigeration equipment ladders
- Rear door built-in thermometer.


Project specially developed for refrigerated trucks with strategic reinforcement for chassis durability.

- “I” beam chassis with laminated steel belt
- Flanged pivot pin according to NBR 5548
- Suspension with seamless structural steel supports
- One-piece round tubular axles
- Air suspension for first axle lifting
- Large and similar bearings, “32218” model
- Heat treated scale
- Rear and lateral LED lighting
- Electrical power connectors according to the automotive industry.

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